For companies

For companies

In need for an ambitious professional who is enthusiastic and motivated? The specialists of LEERSCHOON M/V will find the candidate you’re looking for.

Our way of operating:

We invest in our clients. We not only want to know the competencies, experience and expertise, we’re especially want to know the abilities, the job and business culture and circumstances.
You will be the first to know the best currently available professionals. Those are the details that really count !

We invest in our candidates. We select potential candidates based on the criteria specified. These candidates will be presented a neutral job profile. After a thorough and scrutinise screening process, we will present the best candidates.
Interested candidates present themselves in person with our client. The entire process will be guided by us from A to Z.

Pipelining candidates: If desired, we inform our clients pro-actively of interesting potential candidates, within a specific area of expertise. You will be the first to know the best professionals in the market.

For more information please contact us via the contact form, send an email to or call Hélène Leerschoon, 0031 -10 – 294 04 95.